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デビュー・シングル『tear drops』は、人気アニメ『名探偵コナン』の放送15周年記念第1弾テーマソングに抜擢され、華々しいデビューを飾った。


そんな白石乃梨がプロデュースする『Caos Caos Caos(カオス カオス カオス)』は、元々ギリシャ語で「混沌、無秩序」などの意味を持つ「chaos」という単語を由来に名付けられており、そこには『(音楽を通して)予測不可能な展開を繰り広げ、決して型にはまらず、時代に応じて形を変えていく、そんな音楽を作っていきたい』という思いがこめられている。

現在はCaos Caos Caosが開拓する新ジャンル“Visual×Dance×Rock”の融合を新たなテーマとして掲げ、バックバンドを従えて生音で踊るというライヴにも挑戦。また、出身地である兵庫県丹波篠山市のふるさと親善大使を務め、地域の活性化にも貢献している。


Nori Shiaraishi is a Japanese singer, songwriter and fashion magazine model.
She was born in Japan on May 9,1986.
She began various dances, Japanese trditional dance, tap, jazz, hiphop and ballet. Her first debut single "tear Drops" as Caos Caos Caos (2011).

Caos Caos Caos is a dance vocalist project that singer songwiter Shiraishi Nori produces.
Debut single "Tear Drops" was selected as the 15th anniversary broadcast of the Japansese popular animation "Detective Conan".

Caos Caos Caos is [Chaos, Disorder] which origins are based on Greek mythology.
"As I thought about my project's name, I wanted to make music that could change forms depending on the situation. When I develop an idea it is impossible for me to predict the final image. But with music, determination and a model concept, I can find my path."
It is a challenge to do live broadcasting. I advocate a fusion of new genre "Visual × Dance × Rock". Caos Caos Caos has redefined this as a new theme in the music world.
Fans can follow along and to dance directly with the band, playing in the background.

In addition, I act as a longtime and goodwill ambassador of Sasayamashi, Tanba, Hyogo. That is my hometown and I contribute to the local activities.

I am always fresh, novel and sometimes steer entertainment on a right course from chaos by a phantasmagoric performance.
I love the world, all countries, and I hope to reach out overseas.

It's my dream.
I love you all....